Halloween Videos 2015

Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers



Here is our parody of 'In the Still of the Night' by the Five satins. In our version, we explore how the dead 'Lie Still Every Night'.

Ever wonder how it is to be Buried Six Feet Deep? Sindy and the gang answer that question with their parody of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'.

Here is the story of How Mr. Head ended up in this band. A Parody of Billy Joel's 'You May Be Right', this is 'He's Not Too Bright'.

Neil Diamond's hit, 'Breaking Up is Hard to Do' Becomes 'Waking Up is Hard to Do' for our gang of the undead, because waking up is hard to do....when you're dead, that seems to be true.

"Spicy Brain Stew", a parody of Dion's 'Runaround Sue'. This one's a lot of fun!