Halloween Pictures and Videos 2009

Here are some pics taken at the Woodstock Inn in the room they prepared for their headlining Halloween act,

Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers



Here is a view from the Lounge that the Woodstock Inn set up
for the performance of Sindy Skinles and the Decomposers

Here is the back of that same room opposite the stage.
There is a stocked Bar next to the lamp on the right.

Here is the side wall of the lounge area that is to the right of the stage.
The lounge can hold about 35 to 40 people at a time. These pictures were taken
before the event, so you don't see the guests, but they did fill up the
room many times over during the course of the night.

A shot of the table and chairs just in front of the railing to the stage with a sign introducing the Quartet.


Here's the whole gang on the stage during a dry run..

Here's what they looked like under regular lighting on stage.



Below are Videos of Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers
from the Woodstock Inn and Resort where I was Halloween night 2009.

These are all new routines created for the 2009 season. They also sang most of their original old songs from past years.

This is the Group Introduction. They Also sing a new Theme song here.

A Fun take on the classic, "Dry Bones"

This song was perfomed at the Woodstock Inn along with all the others, but was filmed elsewhere.
The lead vocal on this one as well as the Music track and arrangement were by Jenn Vix (http://JennVix.com)

Mr. Head is Dreaming of a new body here.

Sindy is in the mood for fright!

And finally a call out to the Dead in "Rise Up Ye Buried Gentlemen"