Halloween Pictures 2008

Here are some pics taken at the Wilson Castle in Rutland, VT. I was there on Oct. 17th and 18th, and Oct 24th and 25th



Wilson Castle
Wilson Castle
Here are a couple of shots of the castle from the outside.

Here is the main staircase leading up to the organist at the first landing. I set up a lightning storm outside the stained glass windows with thunder and organ sound effects playing inside.

Here is a closeup of that first landing. The organist sways back and forth and the music plays from a speaker on the ledge behind the organ.

Here is my new Quartet singing at the head of the waiting line on a porch at the rear enterance to the castle.

Waiting in line
Here is the line that was waiting to get into the Wilson Castle on "Kids Night". One of the nights, they tone things down a bit and give the haunt a "G" rating without blood and gore so people have a place to bring small children that they will enjoy.
Watching Quartet
Here's the lne looking the other direction. You can see them watching the Quartet perform.

Here is the new prop I built for the castle. A full sized working Guillotine. It does have a trick to it that allows it to look like your head gets chopped off, but you can do the trick more than once.




Below are pictures from the Woodstock Inn and Resort where I was Halloween night.

Sindy Skinless
Here's what the Quartet looked like set up in the lobby of the Woodstock Inn.
Watching Quartet
The quartet sang 6 different songs this year. They would go off every ten minutes with a new tune that would last 5 or 6 minutes. That means that there was only about 5 minutes between shows, and it was an hour before you heard a repeat. It was late into the night before I had a chance to take a picture, so this was actually after the haunted walkthrough at the Inn closed. About 9:30PM. I also helped put together the walkthrough.

Grand Staircase
This was the staircase leading down to the Haunted Walkthrough. There was a speaker hidden behind the railing at the top of the stairs just beyond the picture that played Thunder effects, and the lightning came from outside off to the left and flashed through the big windows you see in this picture. It was pretty effective.
Waiting Line
At the bottom of the stairs, the line formed to go through the Haunted Walkthrough. It was a big line all night and we had to keep going for an extra half hour just to get everyone through. It was a lot of fun.

Transport 1

Just in case you were wondering how I moved the quartet around to all these places, here's how it was done. Yes, I did get some looks.

Transport 2
And finally, here are the new videos for 2008 showing you my 3 new songs added this year.

Thanks for looking!