Halloween Pictures 2007

Please note that all these pictures were taken with a flash. Because of this, the subtle
lighting effects that help to make the atmosphere spooky get washed out.

This was the first year of a public performance of Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers! Scroll down to see pics of the group.

Final count was just between 450 and 500 visitors to the "Haunted Barn" on Halloween Night 2007!


Ghoul Street
A slight modification of my street sign for just the right touch. It usually says "SCHOOL" Street.

The Barn
Here is the main scene you would see once you enter "The Haunted Barn". There is usually smoke coming up out of the coffin.

My magic Ouija Board. The planchette moves around by itself. Please note the lovely bouquet.

Spell Book
Not a great picture. Obviously taken during the day. The picture is one of those Changing Portraits that cahnges into a ghoulish figure as you walk by. The Spell Book on the table is hollowed out and contains more treats. It talks when you open it up.

The Pit
Here is "The Pit" During the day. It's about a 5 foot deep hole that gets filled with chilled fog. The fog fills up the hole and stays down low. A red bulb off to one side near the bottom makes the whole thing glow red. When I see that a victim is walking over "The Pit", I push a button, and a leaf blower turns on attached to a long pipe that shoots straight up from the bottom of the pit. See the next picture to see how it works.
Pit In Action
Here's the fog shooting up out of the pit as a Trick Or Treater walks over it.
Here is the new addition for 2007. Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers. An animatronic quartet singing Halloween Carols throughout the night. Check out our videos on YouTube.
A Closeup of Sindy performing.
Under The Sign
Here is the group again behind the Graveyard Fence, and you can see the altered sign overhead.
Crowd Reaction
And here is the reaction of the crowd that gathered for one of the nine performances halloween night.
Back Room
And now for some "Behind The Scenes" looks. The stone wall has a hidden door in the center which you go through to run the dry ice machine and the sound effects in the back. Here is a shot of the dry ice machine. You can see th TV monitor that switches between 3 different camera views next to the fog machine. It is a coleman camping stove with a steel boat gas tank on top. (No gas in it) It is filled with a gallon and a half of water, so the coleman stove can keep up with keeping it hot. There is a fan blowing down into it, and the fog comes out the dryer hose. You drop in the pellets of dry ice right into the actual main opening of the tank a few at a time. Works real well.

Outside the barn and down the street a few hundred feet is my house. Strung across the street and aimed directly at the barn is a string of four 1000 watt strobe lights. They are all synched and go off to the sound of thunder played at 600 watts from an upstairs window of my house. They actually flash first, then half a secong later, you hear the thunder. I have them set up to flash at realistc intervals and to pulse several times on and off. They don't just go on steady. They look like real lighting and are VERY bright.
Control Room
Here is the whole setup. I also have a monitor where I see the same things as the one in back of the barn. Next to the monitor are all my audio sensitive switches that trigger all the props when the sound plays.
Close Up
Here's a close up of some of the equipment.
Sampler Board
Then, there's my sampler board. It has 5 separate smaplers on it. I am only using 4 right now, but I have one more for future expansion. All these sound effects play on demand when you hit the button. All but one trigger props as well with my audio switches. The one that does not is the sound of an angry, big, barking dog. That is just a sound played through a big speaker hidden in a bush off in the woods next to the road in the dark. I hit that switch as people walk by.

Other sounds trigger a banging coffin lid, A screaming groundbreaker corpse, and my one-way mirror in the barn.

I didn't take a picture of the witch this year, but it was the same witch as last year, so I have repeated this picture just to get the complete story for 2007.

Here's a look at my Graveyard Quartet (Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers)
who appeared in Townsend in 2007.