Halloween Pictures 2006

Please note that all these pictures were taken with a flash. Because of this, the subtle
lighting effects that help to make the atmosphere spooky get washed out.

Final count was just over 200 visitors to the "Haunted Barn" on Halloween Night 2006!


Some of the decorations inside the Haunted Barn. The small
Jack-O-Lantern randomly shakes while a speaker under the
table plays insane laughter.

This chandelier hangs in the center of the Haunted Barn.

The Coffin, Just outside the barn, gets the attention of
Trick Or Treaters when the lid starts banging open and closed
while screams and moans can be heard inside and a
red glow is seen from within. You can see the
fingers of a skeletal hand pushing up on the lid.

The "Mirror of Death". This mirror seems innocent enough
until you go up and look in it. After seeing your own
reflection for a few seconds, the two candles suddenly
go out. You hear a scream and shattering glass and
can see a ghastly image of a moving beast coming at you
from the "Other Side". This was a very effective (And popular) effect.

Trick Or Treaters lining up to look
into the "Mirror Of Death".

A look into the barn and our resident witch standing next
to the evil brew in her cauldron. By the way, the candy and glow necklaces
that we give away are in that cauldron. The kids must reach into the menacing
fog to get their treats, and the fog is colored by the ominous green glow of the
Glow necklaces. You can see the steel grate at the entrance
to the barn. As you walk over the grate it reveals a deep
pit filled with low lying fog which glows red like the
fires of hell. Once you stand on the grate, a mighty
wind blows up from underneath sending a shaft of smoke
and fog up around you. Another fairly effective prop.

A parent coaxing her young Trick Or Treaters to go into the barn.

The "Mystical Oracle". This OUIJA board's planchette was
moving about on the board on it's own all night.

A short grim reaper checks out one of customers buried in the front yard,
who trying to get it out of his contract, and his casket. In the background,
you can see the "Screaming Corpse". More about him later...

Some Trick Or Treaters escaping from the "Haunted Barn".

More Trick Or Treaters

A very cute shark costume!

You can see the talking skeleton in the background. He holds conversations
with all who enter the barn and dare to speak to him. You can see smoke curling
out of his coffin. He is lighted with red lights, has red
glowing eyes, and his jaw moves with every word he says. He will move
his head left or right randomly throughout the conversation.

Another shot of "Harry" the talking skeleton. Notice the giant
spider in the foreground that drops on unsuspecting patrons.

A Trick Or Treater having a conversation with "Harry".

More conversations with the dead.

The victims keep on coming!

Our witch, who also has a small puppet witch who speaks to the
smaller children, gives out candy kept in the hanging cauldron.
"Reach right in kids!"

Another shot of our witch

Which witch would you talk to?

Here's the screaming corpse. Buried up to his chest, he just sits there until you approach.
When you get close, a light shines on him as he starts shaking uncontrollably, while he emits
a blood curdling scream. A definite attention getter.