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Halloween Bob's History


I have been an amature home haunter since I was 13 or 14 years old. I started by haunting the basement of my family's 200 year old home and inviting neighbors over. Then, I started taking the show on the road setting up haunted walk-throughs for church groups and other organizations in various towns. I became a mobile DJ and loved doing Halloween Parties which I decorated up significantly. Here is a picture of my DJing one of those parties several years ago. I brought all the props with me.

DJ at Halloween

I moved around a few times setting up small displays everywhere I lived on Halloween, Until I moved to Townsend, MA where I stayed for 8 Years. All the pictures on this site up to and including 2007 are from "The Haunted Barn" in Townsend. It was a haunt for all ages and featured a life sized (or should I say Death sized), talking skeleton who was just dying to have a conversation with you. Also, got your treats from our resident Witch who was always brewing up something special. The wind whipped around and we always had our own private thunder and lightning storm going on. There were many more surprises and scares in store for you each Halloween at my Haunted barn, and you can see much of it in the pictures here and on the picture pages.

In 2007 I added my best prop to date which was the animated Graveyard Quartet pictured at the top of the page. Here are a couple of videos which are on YouTube of this Group called, "Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers"

In 2008, because of work, my wife and I moved to Vermont and bought a condo. That means we have no yard to haunt and very little space to store props. I had to sell just about everything including the quartet above since we couldn't store it and we needed the money for the move.

This year (2008) I have partnered with a haunter in Vermont who does Haunted Castle Tours in a real Castle in Rutland, VT. (Wilson Castle)

So...I have rebuilt my quartet with the help of a member of the halloween community forum, HalloweenForum.com. He has started manufacturing kits using my design and has sent me materials that will allow me to rebuild my group which will be performing at the castle this year. The group will also perform at the Woodstock Inn and Resort Halloween night 2008.

See pictures from Wilson Castle and from the Woodstock Inn Here.

Here are a few videos from the 2009 incarnation of the Skeletal Quartet:

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